Taking Action!

In inquiry we needed to pick a  topic and then take action on it.

I did Pet and wildlife care. I have tried my best to catch up because I have been away for the last 3 days, this is what I have done so far….

Do you want to see an animal suffer?
Or dead wildlife on the road?
Can you imagine, kids screaming interrupting their parents driving because they see one of their favourite animals dead on the side of the road?
It will smell horrible! That’s why I am here to stop all that!
This is happening because Vet and wildlife care need to be better and bigger in our area. A
Animals are left dead in our parks and gardens, and then some ones pet will come along and eat it, then they will get sick and the pets won’t do anything about it!
Nobody wants our population of pets to go down.

What I’m going to do
I am going to get people to sign my petitions and signs to agree that we need a bigger and better animal care.
I will make BIG AND LOUD posters.
I will make flyers that have all the emails and phone numbers that you will need if you ever see a injured number.

How am I going to do it
I have written a letter to the council to talk about this.
Again the petition I will show is successful

And this is the movie I made:


Councillor Helen Radnedge’s Visit

Helen Radnedge’s Visit

In a fairy tale land far away…The grade 4’s lined up into Mrs Millers Room to see the amazing.. the great Cr Helen Radnedge!
Did u know?? That Tasmanian Devils were once living in Gisborne!
You may think that this Cr Helen Radnedge is just a normal person, like everybody else, but actually she way, way more!!
Also if u didn’t realise the Cr in Helen Radnedge, means councillor. She is a councillor for the south ward.
The wards are split into 3 wards. This is only in this area. There is South Ward, East Ward and West ward.
Most of the people in my class are in South Ward, except for a few.
When she started talking she first started with a question (From Amanda 4A) about the dead animals all over Gisborne and how we can help. She gave us ideas and things to help us if we see a dead animal or creature.


Here is a story of Helen Radnedge…..

Helen was 15 years old when she first moved to the area. Helen loved the area. She grew up to have 3 kids. The oldest was a girl, then the other 2 were boys. Helen worked as a gardener and at a hard ware store. Then one day she asked her kids if it was ok to them to be a councillor. They were in there 20’s when this happened. She wasn’t going to be home that much as she used to. That’s why she asked her kids first. She only became a councillor last October. She was never really into the job of a councillor, but when she found out about it, she liked the idea. Helen said that there is always disagreement in the meetings and things but it all works out well.
There is 8 other councillors that attend the South Ward meetings. All together there is 9 councillors. This number is odd for a reason. When a time comes to vote on an idea there will be an odd amount of votes. The idea or opinion that’s wins, will be thought about and it might happen.

While Helen has been working she has found out about aboriginal culture and really
cool facts. She helped the environment and nature a WHOLE LOT. She helped the research people protect the nature but help them find out things. Her favourite place to work throughout and to visit is the Nature reserves and parks. Her best achievement was protecting nature. Helen does not spend most of her time in the office. The Mayor (Jennifer Anderson) replaces you and does your votes when you are on a holiday or have taken a day off.


It was really helpful to actually get to see a councillor in real life! It also took up class time, which was to me awesome! I mean who doesn’t want some time of school! (No offence teachers.)
It was cool meeting her and getting the answers from the real person because the websites might be fake or she might of changed her mind of any sort. I now know that you can call the council number if u see any dead animals, and if we have a problem in the community, we have someone to go to.

Haiku Poems!

This week we have been working on poems. Today we did haiku poems. Here are a few of mine…..


I wish for revenge,

I plan it on my sister,

she stole my lip gloss


I am soo scared,

a stranger is at my door,

I hit him with pan



I am Harry Potter,

Voldemort was such an idiot,

he gave me this scar






The Magic Flute Opera Performance

On Wednesday we had a big performance. It was an opera. You may of heard about the Magic Flute. It is pretty old. It’s birth place was in Germany. It is originally in the German language too. If u had not heard of the Magic Flute, here is a short summary, (I do say short but this may get very long)

Tamino is walking around in the woods when he is attacked by a snake. He gets so scared he faints. 3 Spirits come along and cast a spell to scare away the snake. When Tamino wakes up he sees a man walking along. Papageno a bird catcher helps Tamino up. Papageno lies and says that he was the one that saved Tamino and he scared the snake with his bare hands. Then the spirts turn up and put a lock on Papageno’s mouth because he lied. The spirits show Tamino a picture of Princess Pamina. Tamino falls on love. Pamina has been captured be an ‘evil’ wizard Sarastro. Tamino and Papageno go on a quest to find Pamina. They get to his castle and papageno rushes ahead. Sararstro explains he kidnapped Pamina to protect her from her evil mother the queen of the night. Sarastro says if they complete a series of tests they will win a wife. Papageno Is promised a wife too. Papagena. The Queen of the night orders Pamina to kill Sarastro. Then Papageno and Tamino complete the tests and Tamino gets Princess Pamina  as a wife and Papageno gets Papagena. The Queen is angry about all the love. Soon the Queen is thrown into the darkness forever!!!



My 3-way-Conference


Last Night I had a conference. I had a 3-way-conference. This is were the students make and do the conference. We have an app called book creator that we did it on.  Your Mum and Dad come to see it. I think i cracked Mum up a couple of times because of the humour I did?


I think I did well on my work and my effort I put into it. I was sick and I had to stay home some days so I did lots of it at home.  Mrs Walker says that I did a very good job and I did a lot of work.


Well I think I did a good job, but I think I could of been a bit clearer and louder. Also use a bit more eye contact


We will remember them ANZAC poem

Some family’s cried,
The surviving solders who now walked side by side,
everybody’s holding a gun,
If your surrender you stuck in prison war camp until the war is done,
Spirits are here and there,
But inside you they’re everywhere,
The leaves rustle and the trees grow,
As the men and women aboard the boat,away they go,
Some people are sad,
Some people feel bad or glad,
Dead or alive when the solder march with us,
They had to fight the dangers of the sea, they couldn’t go by a car or a bus,
It is just for us today,
The leaders did it there way,
1 minute of silence is all it takes,
To make a heart break,
There inside us, all of them
Even if you don’t believe it,
We will remember them.


On Tuesday the grade 4’s went on camp. We went to Camp Wilkin in Anglesea. It was a long long long drive there, but it worth it. I sat next to Philippa. When we got there we ate our snack and brainfood. After that we went on a scavenger hunt around the beach. My group found a dead puffer fish. IT WAS GROSS!!!

We walked up Split Point Lighthouse. Yes, I said it, the round the twist lighthouse. It was hot. The lady explained everything about the lighthouse and what it does, if the lighthouse wasn’t there most ships would crash up on the beach.

Dinner and the activities at camp were fun. Me and my friends Jen, Phillippa and Ava sat with the bus drivers to eat dinner. My favourite activity was the flying fox, I went ʂų℘ɛཞ ʄąʂɬ!!!!!!!! Then my friends ran me back down.

On Wednesday we went to a discovery centre in Queens Cliff. We had a walk on the beach I found a spiky crab shell. We had lunch and I played at the park. After that we were on our way home . It was great.